Big time planned for early March, 2019, to celebrate the life and work of James Dickey.




The Starry Place Between the Antlers: Columbia Celebrates James Dickey

Thursday, March 7th


7:00 – 10:00 pm Trustus Theatre, James Dickey returns to Columbia!! The weekend kicks off with a screening of Deliverance with a talkback panel led by Ronny Cox, one of the four main characters! hosted by Tom Hall and local film maker Wade Sellers. Thank you Trustus!
$15.00 a ticket. TRUSTUS is located at 520 Lady Street, Columbia, SC

Friday, March 8th

“Stop, Look & Listen”

Guests enjoy a guided walking tour from McCutchen House to Davis College (former home of the USC English Department) to the Ernest F. Hollings Library led by Professor Ed Madden, poet laureate of Columbia and Director of Women’s and Gender studies at USC. Once everyone assembles at Hollings Library, Ed and poet Tim Conroy, will preside over a special event debuting an unpublished James Dickey poem from 1960.


3:30 – 4:30 pm
Poetry Debut
Venue: Hollings Library
Host: Tom Hall
Tim Conroy will debut an original unpublished James Dickey poem, “Parade”.

4:30-5:00 pm
Reception (coffee and cookies).
Venue: Hollings Library
Guests can view a small exhibit of the library’s James Dickey holdings with commentary from director Elizabeth Sudduth

Carolina poets read James Dickey poetry

Guests will enjoy music from James Dickey’s old friend and musical collaborator, Steve Bennett with Tom Coolidge

“Meet up at the Hangar! a tribute to James Dickey, the Aviator, at the Hunter Gatherer Hangar”

FREE!!! At the Hunter Gatherer Hangar is located at 1402 Jim Hamilton Blvd, Columbia, SC

5:30 – 8:30 pm
Going to the Hangar! The Hunter Gatherer serves as our main host for the weekend and we start with a Happy hour Power hour, with Dickey stories, poetry reading, unpublished poetry and an unpublished interview act out, featuring Ronny Cox, Roger Pinckney, Ellen Malphrus, Tim Conroy and more!

VIP Table, Ronny Cox, Roger Pinckney, John Lane, Ellen Malphrus (behind the bar at the HG!!) Food, beer, VIP ticket $100.00, limit 10

Hunter Gatherer BBQ meal

5:45 pm
Welcome to the Starry Place Between the Antlers!
Tom Hall introduction of Ellen Malphrus to open our event and discuss the impact of James Dickey on her as a student, a writer and the importance of Columbia, SC, to the great poet– the starry place. Raise a glass Toast to James Dickey, the poet!!

6:00 pm
Dale Bailes, acquaintance of Dickey who has a special story about Dueling Banjos, introduces Ronny Cox, Deliverance actor and songwriter, who tells a story about being on set with James Dickey and Deliverance, and plays two special songs.

6:30 pm
Tom Poland reads excerpts from the last unpublished interview with Al Black playing the role of James Dickey.

6:45 pm
Tim Conroy discusses Pat Conroys’ affection for James Dickey, Tim reads the unpublished James Dickey poem, “The Parade”.

7:00 pm
Steve Bennet discusses his book, Nature in SC, James Dickey’s love of music and more before introducing Roger Pinckney.

7:15 pm
Roger Pinckney discusses James Dickey as an influence and reads the foreword to Steve Bennett’s book about Nature in SC, and reads the “Cherry Log Road”, his favorite James Dickey poem.

7:45 pm
Brandy and the Butcher perform James Dickey’s “Falling”.

8:00 pm
Zarah Deweese Newton reads James Dickey’s poem, “The Sheep Child”, and discusses the practical poet and pickled okra.

8:15 pm
Ellen Malphrus closing comments and reads “For the Last Wolverine”.

8:30 pm
The Dickey evening is over, but stick around for a great night of music!

Saturday, March 9th

“A Day of Panels”

Venue: The White Mule, 711 Saluda Avenue in 5 points

Guests will enjoy a full day of panels, interviews, and readings, as well as available lunch and dinner.

$10.00 contribution

Panel 1
11:00 -11:50 am
The James Dickey influence on SC writers and poets
Host: Roger Pinckney
Guests: Ray McManus, Ellen Malphrus, Dr. Jane Zenger

Panel 2
Noon – 12:20 pm
“The Rediscovery of ‘Parade’”
Host: Ron Aiken
Reading: Tim Conroy

12:20- 12:50 pm
3 poems read by Carolina Poets

1:00-2:00 pm
A recreation of the last unpublished interview of James Dickey, with Tom Poland, the interviewer, and Al Black playing James Dickey

2:00-2:50 pm Panel 4
“James Dickey and the Devil”, Good, Bad and the Ugly
Host: Cindi Boiter
Panelists: Ron Aiken, Ellen Malphrus, Christina Xan, Ed Madden

3:00-4:20 pm Panel 5
“James Dickey and Nature”
Host: John Lane
Guests: Steve Bennett, Mark Powell, Tom Poland

4:30- 5:30 pm Panel 6
“Legacy of James Dickey”
Host: Ron Aiken
Guests: Professor Tara Powell, Professor Thorne Compton, Professor Mark Roberts

The big show at the Curiosity Coffee Bar, 2327 Main St. Columbia SC

7:00 – 10:00 pm Ronny Cox, actor and musician, along with national recording artist, Jack Williams


VIP ticket, meal and beers with Ronny Cox and Jack Williams (limit 10, $100.00 ea.)

Sunday, March 10th

More Food, Art, Storytelling, Music, Poetry at WARMOUTH

JAMES DICKEY Brunch at the Warmouth
1209 Franklin street, Columbia


11:30 am – until
A special brunch meal featuring the favorite Dickey foods: hoppin’ john, SHE CRAB SOUP, ribs, wood smoked BBQ, all the special indigenous foods that are found in the starry place between the antlers. Thank you, Warmouth for celebrating the southern food ways beloved by the POET.

Guests will enjoy a special storytelling event featuring stories told by poet Al Black, Todd Ellis, Ron Aiken, Mike Shavo, Dale Bailey, Steve Bennet and others. Bierkeller will pour a special Dickey Dunkel beer brewed specifically for the James Dickey weekend. Music will be performed by The Plowboys.

11:30 am
Welcome!! Acquaintance of James Dickey, Dale Bailes, tells the story of James Dickey discovering “Dueling banjos” in his store, the Joyful Alternative, in 1969.

11:45 am
Steve Bennet tells about the musical side of James Dickey and plays his favorite songs.

12:15 pm
Tom Hall reads James Dickeys foreword to Steve Bennett book, Nature in SC.

12:30 pm
Todd Ellis tells about being recruited by James Dickey for the football team.

1:00 pm
Mike Shavo and Ron Aiken tell a great story about a meeting with James Dickey to feel out the Coen Brothers who were interested in making a film from the Dickey novel TO THE WHITE SEA, read the ending of to The White Sea.

1:30 pm
Poet Al Black reads Dickey poetry.

1:45 pm
Poet Bentz Kirby reads “May Day Sermon” and talks about becoming a poet.

2:00 pm
More poets to be announced.

The Plowboys close with a set at 3:00 pm with a poem, toasts and a special last wolverine tribute.

The Plowboys do a short set of original songs and James Dickey poems followed by a set with Chris Compton’s Buckdancer to close the event.




Screening of Deliverance at TRUSTUS THEATRE with actor Ronny Cox
Thursday, March 7 – 7-10pm
Special screening of Deliverance at Trustus theatre with special guest, actor Ronny Cox, one of the four main characters in the epic James Dickey creation Deliverance. Before the screening we will also have a special reading of the last James Dickey unpublished interview with Tom Poland, the interviewer and Robert Clark, the photographer who documented the event. This will be a great night.

Friday night James Dickey poetry party VIP ticket
Friday, March 8
At the Hunter Gatherer, limit to ten tickets, dine with actor Ronny Cox and writers Roger Pinckney, Ellen Malphrus, Tim Conroy, and poet laureate of Columbia, Ed Madden. Ticket for meal and drink tickets is $100.

James Dickey Poetry PARTY at the Hunter Gatherer Hangar
Friday, March 8
Celebrate the Starry Place Between the antlers with an evening of poetry, performance, stories, live music, Tom Hall and Plowboys, Brandy and the Butcher, and more. This will be an exciting evening celebrating James Dickey.

Starry place between the antlers, James Dickey – the MAN, the INK, THE POET
Saturday, March 9, 2019
Beginning at 11 am at the Hunter Gatherer Hangar, Brunch and afternoon panels, discussing James Dickey as a colleague, a teacher, the Poet’s influence on South Carolina literature; the good the bad and the true James Dickey- the tension -the blessing and the curse of poetic genius- and James Dickey in NATURE.

Pre show happy hour vip table with Ronny Cox and Jack Williams!
Saturday, March 9, 2019
GO BIG!! CAST A WIDE NET! Enjoy VIP access before the Starry Dinner Saturday night. Sit with famous actor and musician Ronny Cox and singer songwriter Jack Williams. Includes dinner and drink tickets. Help us make the James Dickey weekend sustainable and let’s keep it going! WE NEED YOUR MONEY TO KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE. As much as we can make you feel like a backstage VIP special we will!!! Be the Laureate you always dreamed of with a swipe of the credit card!

Starry evening between the antler with Ronny Cox and Jack Williams
Saturday, March 9, 2019
Enjoy stories and music with actor and musician Ronny Cox with special guest Jack Williams at the Curiosity Coffee Bar, 7-10pm